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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

We can assist Boards fulfil their obligations under Code of Corporate Governance Principle 11 – Risk Management and Internal Controls, and SGX Listing Rule 1207(10)/ 1204(10) for Catalist Issuers. This will include:

Review of listed companies’ processes for assessing internal controls and risk management frameworks

Preparation and analysis of targeted questionnaires to Board and Audit Committee and management

Drafting representation letters from subsidiary companies and CEO/CFO to Board

Drafting an opinion letter to the Board on the current state of internal controls and risk management frameworks

Discussions with Internal and External Auditors

Board Evaluations

To improve performance, and in keeping with the Code of Corporate Governance, many Boards are taking evaluations more seriously, whether through a self assessment process or via independent evaluation. We can assist in both approaches:

Preparing questionnaires for Board, Board Committees and individual directors, and independent analysis of the responses

Confidential interviews and discussions with Board members to gather valuable feedback, and consolidate responses for discussion

Board Effectiveness

Enhanced regulations, shifting stakeholder expectations, and increasing obligations of companies all point in one direction – Governance practices are changing, and Boards are feeling the pressure to meet challenges head on. We can work with Boards to:

Draft/update terms of reference

Advise on Board composition

Revew and update risk definitions, appetites and oversight

Provide regulatory updates and targeted training

Facilitate succession planning

Assist in crisis management planning